Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Leaders

AI and Data Science introduces new tools that will ensure your business is future-fit in this digital age. Learn about the opportunities that AI and data science present.

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About the Course

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Leaders will introduce you to the range of new technologies and tools available to ensure that your business is future-fit in this digital age. Over the six-week period, you will learn about the opportunities that AI and data science can offer your organization.

You Will Learn To:

  • Cultivate new skills that are essential for your business
  • Develop a strategic plan to manage change within your team, function, or organization
  • Identify the risks and rewards of new data science projects
  • Create a strategy for your organization that employs AI to accomplish business goals
  • Build a team for success in an AI world
  • Select the best areas for early-stage development and understand how to scale AI solutions
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Career Outlook

The artificial intelligence and data science industries are booming, with an expected market value of 99.9 billion dollars by 2023 in the case of the former, and 16 billion by 2025 for the latter. An increasingly wide range of industries— automotive, entertainment, healthcare, media, retail, and telecommunications—need professionals with the skills to leverage AI and data science 




The average annual base pay for a CTO in the Unite States

3 out of 4

  • Analytics Consultant   
  • Analytics Specialist  
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist   
  • Big Data Developer  
  • Business Intelligence Developer  
  • Chief Information Officer  
  • Chief Technology Officer  
  • Digital Innovation Officer  
  • Digital Product Director  
  • Director of Strategy  
  • Insights Analyst  
  • Program Director  
  • Program Manager  

Meet Your Instructors

Nalini Polavarapu, PhD, MSc
Nalini Polavarapu, PhD, MScVice President, Enterprise Analytics and Data Science at Bayer; Senior Advisor and Adjunct Professor, the University of Chicago
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Dr. Nalini Polavarapu is the Vice President of Enterprise Analytics and Data Science and Data Science Center of Excellence Lead at Bayer. In this role, she oversees strategies and solutions using machine learning, operations research, and data and analytics to enable the development of predictive pipelines and end-to-end supply chains to deliver best-in-class customer experience. She is also responsible for developing learning programs to provide the organization with enhanced training in digital skills and shape the culture of Bayer’s 700-strong data science community. Since joining the company fourteen years ago, Polavarapu has held various leadership roles in IT, R&D, and Commercial—helping grow the value from data science in the company through product innovations, influencing leaders, and hiring and developing the best talent—all toward the goal of becoming the leader in the digital space. She leads Women in Data Science @ Bayer and is part of Bayer’s women’s business resource group leadership team. She was included in CDO Magazine’s 2020 and 2021 Global Data Power Women lists for her contributions to the digital transformation of agriculture, received the Global Leadership Award from HMG Strategy in 2021, and was featured as an alumna by the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2018. Polavarapu has obtained multiple patents and has authored and co-authored research articles in leading scientific journals. Additionally, she has co-authored book chapters on high throughput data analysis and applications. She has done multiple podcasts and is a frequent speaker and panel member at CIO/CDO/CAO, Venture Café, US Chamber of Commerce, and leading digital AI/ML conferences. She and her inventions have been featured by, among others, US Chamber of Commerce publications, the Ag Magazine, ScienceDaily, and MSNBC. Polavarapu earned a PhD and dual master’s degrees in Computer Science and Bioinformatics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Beyond her role at Bayer, she serves on the City of Chicago’s Chief Data Officers’ (CDO) governing body, acts as senior advisor to the University of Chicago Master of Science in Analytics program, and is an advisory board member of the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Institute for Data Science. She also co-designed this University of Chicago Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Leaders program, which is offered in multiple languages.
Utku Pamuksuz, PhD, MSc
Utku Pamuksuz, PhD, MScChief Data Scientist and Co-founder, Inference Analytics; Lecturer, the University of Chicago
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Dr. Pamuksuz is an AI researcher with expertise in data science, business analytics, applied mathematics, and machine/deep learning. He has been an invited speaker, delivering keynote sessions in academic and professional seminars in Europe, Asia, and the US, for application and development of data analytics in the areas of management, finance, strategy, healthcare, e-commerce, and quantitative marketing. Pamuksuz has served as a senior data scientist at State Farm as well as W.W. Grainger. He co-founded Inference Analytics in 2018.
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What Our Participants Say

Marcelo TinocoHead of E-commerce at Britânia Electrodomésticos-img-U-Chicago

This is an essential program, mandatory for all those who want to understand more about artificial intelligence and data science. It is the gateway to an urgent and continuous future.

Ravichandran Natarajan's photo

This program increased my confidence level around AI and ML knowledge and prepared me for the next level in my career in the AI ecosystem. I am now able to approach any AI project while keeping ethical value as an important consideration in mind when building algorithms.

“By directly involving students in the challenge of securing the right data and exploring potential solutions, we’re equipping them with the foundational skills required to deliver tangible results to clients.”

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