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Big Data in Marketing

Dig deeper into your customer data to elevate your marketing efforts.

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About the Course

The University of Chicago’s online Big Data in Marketing course will equip you with core conceptual frameworks and practical tools for managing, exploring, analyzing, and activating existing and emerging data streams.

You Will Learn To:

  • Identify and evaluate various types of marketing data, including emerging sources and attributes.
  • Align marketing data strategy to key business goals and develop KPIs to assess business impact.
  • Explain how marketing data can be utilized to address company-specific use cases and business objectives.
  • Evaluate data governance standards for consumer consent compliance and regulation.

After successfully completing the course, you will receive a credential certified by the University of Chicago.

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Career Outlook

Amassing and analyzing swathes of data affords marketers a deeper look into customer patterns. In the last few years, 90 percent of all the data that currently exists was created. The big data explosion has led to new marketing research and strategy approaches. Diverse positions abound within this rapidly evolving field, especially in digital marketing, e-commerce, and multichannel marketing.




Source: Payscale

2.5 Q

The number of bytes of data that are created daily.

Source: Forbes


Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Marketing Manager
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • CRO Specialist
  • Customer Insights Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • Digital Marketing Engineer
  • Growth Marketer
  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Marketing Strategy Planner
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Manager
  • SEO Specialist

Meet Your Instructors

These instructors teach this course regularly. Please speak to your enrollment advisor if you wish to know who the current teacher is.

instructor Edward Ramsey

Edward Ramsey, BSc

Founder and Principal Consultant at 444 Ignite

Edward Ramsey, founder and principal consultant of 444 Ignite, has over twenty-five years of experience in advertising, media, and marketing services. As a senior executive at a multibillion-dollar marketing services company, Ramsey leads enterprise initiatives to innovate services, grow revenue, build new technologies, and drive business transformation. Moreover, he successfully delivers analytics applications at scale, drives advertising and marketing performance, and makes business impact—monetizing new data products and growing incremental revenue.

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