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Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy

This course focuses on acquiring a deep understanding of the consumer and reframes data techniques as tactical tools to use within the context of social science theory.

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About the Course

Over an eight-week period, you will learn about social science theories that provide ways to understand the consumer, satisfy their needs, and motivate them. You will practice applying these theories to arrive at data-driven consumer understanding, recommending marketing actions, and testing potential courses of action. Throughout, the course reveals how marketing analytics can be a powerful tool for inquiry and the development of marketing action.

You Will Learn To:

  • Define a business goal in terms of what we want the consumer to think, feel, or do.
  • Frame a desired consumer response within a conceptual model based on social science theory.
  • Use data to provide insight into consumer behavior and determine the proper course of action.
  • Establish and present a plan to test the effectiveness of the marketing action you recommend.
  • Persuade business and marketing leaders to solve marketing problems by putting the customer at the center of the strategic decision-making process .
  • Make a case for a customer-centered solution based on data and present it using a persuasive conceptual model .
  • Recommend a marketing plan based on your in-depth understanding of the consumer.
  • Devise a framework to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing plan. 
  • Be awarded a credential of completion from the University of Chicago and become part of the UChicago network .
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Career Outlook




is the average base salary for a Director of Consumer Insights in the United States

Source: Payscale


is the projected CAGR of the customer analytics market from 2020 to 2025

Source: Markets and Markets




is the anticipated value of the customer analytics market by 2025

Source: Markets and Markets


  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Consumer Insights Manager
  • Consumer Insights Specialist
  • Consumer Researcher
  • Customer Data Specialist
  • Customer Insights Analyst
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Director of Consumer Insights
  • Insights Analyst
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Strategic Planner

Meet Your Instructors

instructor George Davidson

George Davidson, MBA

Market Research and Consumer Insights Specialist and Founder of The Lantern

George Davidson has over twenty-five years of marketing experience working for big global brands, including InterContinental Hotels Group, McDonald’s, and Netflix. He has also worked for food and hospitality brands like Costa Coffee and McDonald’s.

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