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Crisis Planning and Response Management

Navigate adversity with agility and foresight to emerge stronger and more resilient.

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About the Course

The global COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for every organization to have a business continuity plan in place. Using the pandemic scenario as our model, you will explore the measures, processes, and plans organizations can adopt to mitigate and respond to a crisis event.

You Will Learn To:

  • Describe the operational benefits of developing and maintaining a comprehensive crisis response plan to avoid organizational breakdown.
  • Explain multiple strategies for executing a provisional crisis response plan in the midst of an unanticipated event.
  • Explain the recent shift in the modern threat landscape.
  • Devise and implement emergency management plans.

After successfully completing the course, you will receive a credential certified by the University of Chicago.

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Career Outlook

With the advent of unprecedented global challenges such as pandemics, cyberattacks, natural disasters, and geopolitical tensions, organizations find themselves navigating an increasingly complex web of threats. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, served as a wake-up call, underscoring the critical need for robust crisis preparedness and response strategies. From supply chain disruptions to workforce management and public health concerns, the pandemic highlighted the interconnectedness of modern society and the ripple effects of crises across multiple domains.




The average base pay for an emergency response manager in the United States.

Source: Payscale


The estimated total cost of COVID-19-related global disruption.

Source: McKinsey




The total combined amount countries need to spend over the next decade to reduce the likelihood of a repeat.

Source: McKinsey

  • Business Continuity Professional
  • Business Manager
  • Business Owner
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Crisis Analyst
  • Crisis Management Consultant
  • Crisis Planning and Response Manager
  • Director of Emergency Management
  • Director of Operations
  • Emergency Management System Director
  • Emergency Planner
  • Emergency Response Manager
  • External Affairs Officer
  • Forensic Technical Data Specialist
  • Global Business Continuity Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Risk Mitigation and Public Information Coordinator
  • Safety Hazard Analyst

Meet Your Instructor

instructor Jill Ramaker

Jill Ramaker, MA, MScTRM

Executive Director, Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy

“Jill Ramaker is the executive director of the Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy, which provides training for disaster response, Emergency Medical Service (EMS), fire service, hazardous material, law enforcement, and public works personnel, as well as education on crisis leadership, homeland security, and private sector emergency management.

Ramaker earned an MA in Legal Studies from the University of Illinois and an MSc in Threat and Response Management from the University of Chicago. She also holds certifications in business continuity and organizational resilience.”

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