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Decision-Making and Risk Management

How can we ensure a better, more logical approach to decision-making without complicating matters further? The answer: risk management.

Sobre o curso

Our eight-week Decision-Making and Risk Management online course focuses on the key concepts, definitions, principles, and practices in risk management from the perspectives of the corporation, the market, and the regulator. Topics in the course include corporate risk governance and enterprise risk management, assessment of risk at the corporate and capital allocation level, risk management products and structures, tools for decision-making in risk management, and regulatory risk monitoring and compliance. This course will be taught based on Harvard Business Review (HBR) cases and articles on financial risk management.

Você aprenderá a:

  • Understand different types of risks, risk analysis, and monitoring tools
  • Explore regulatory requirements, processes, and compliance
  • Use financial and statistical tools for risk analysis
  • Design strategies involving portfolio management, budgeting, and structure
  • Introduce risk governance and management into an organization’s culture
  • Learn about concepts and identify tools for decision-making within risk management, including derivative structures and risk analysis models

Ao completar o curso, você poderá:

  1. Understand the principles of risk-management
  2. Apply risk-management techniques and technologies
  3. Analyze problems using decision-making criteria and theories
  4. Utilize the characteristics of uncertainty to make educated decisions
  5. Model different types of risks and decisions to forecast potential outcomes
  6. Be awarded a certificate of completion from the University of Chicago and become part of the UChicago network

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Perspectiva de carreira

  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Compliance Consultant
  • Compliance Officer
  • Environmental Compliance Specialist
  • Loss Control Consultant
  • Model Risk Specialist
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • Risk Compliance Investigator
  • Risk Manager

Conheça seus instrutores

Headshot of the certificate instructor: Borislava Karageorgieva
Borislava Karageorgieva, CFA, MBA, PAHM
Corporate Financial Strategy and Decision-Making and Risk Management

Borislava Karageorgieva is a corporate finance expert in the area of evaluation of strategic and investment decisions. Karageorgieva has international experience in both the public and private sectors, as well as the financial services, healthcare management, and beverage industries. Her areas of professional focus include regulatory analysis and financial compliance, mergers and acquisitions, angel investing and entrepreneurship, and board governance. Karageorgieva is the co-founder of a startup company in the beverage industry with clients including Kroger in Chicago. Karageorgieva received an MBA from Chicago Booth and is a CFA charter holder.

University of Chicago

“Ao envolver diretamente os alunos no desafio de garantir os dados corretos e explorar potenciais soluções, impulsionamos habilidades fundamentais para entregar resultados tangíveis aos clientes.”

Greg Green – doutor em matemática, professor associado e instrutor do programa “Inteligência artificial e Data Science para líderes”.

Metodologia e aprendizagem a distância

Nossos cursos de aprendizagem online são criados para apoiar seu objetivo específico de desenvolvimento pessoal. Os cursos combinam a aprendizagem on-line com sessões interativas ao vivo, a fim de reforçar suas competências e otimizar o seu tempo. Combinamos a teoria acadêmica e o conhecimento empresarial com a aplicação prática e real. Por meio das sessões on-line, você terá a oportunidade de interagir com os instrutores da Universidade de Chicago e os seus parceiros.

Conheça a opinião de nossos alunos

I enjoyed my learning experience with the University of Chicago. The teaching was amazing and my classmates were very thoughtful.
Head of E-commerce at Britânia Eletrodomésticos
Brazil, September 2020
It was both essential and very helpful to have access to quality content in an academic and corporate environment, as well as case studies with professional interactions. This will make a difference in the final months of my learning experiene and in applying what I have learned to my day-to-day professional life.
Silvia Goulart Figueiredo Machado
June, 2021
A very good experience. Highly didactic material with examples and real cases that help us to automatically think about how to apply these new concepts in our companies.
Iván Monjaraz Ruiz
Peru, June 2021
I wish to thank the entire academic team. The fact that you offer these kinds of programs shows a desire to support people’s professional growth. Uploading the content of updated material, dealing with the needs of so many people, and being able to guide them to make the most of the experience require tremendous effort and your dedication is commendable. Thank you very much.
Fernando Samaniego
Mexico, June 2021
I thank you for the support and all the structure that the University of Chicago provides. I hope to continue my learning journey with you very soon.
Renato Hombo
Brazil, June 2021
First of all, this program is very rich in content. It felt more like a master’s degree program than an eight-week course because we basically learned everything that we needed to know about clinical trials. With the knowledge you will acquire in this course, you will be ready to jumpstart your career in the clinical research industry. It was an amazing experience, and I learned from industry gurus. I will recommend this program again and again.
Chinedu Ibuaka
Healthcare Manager
USA, June 2021

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