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November 9, 2021


USD $9,500


Ten months
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    This program is offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Certificate Format

Online learning with live, interactive sessions


George Dan, The Psychology of Finance
and Corporate Finance Strategy;
Lara Kattan, Fintech
and Data-Driven Financial Analysis;
Borislava Karageorgieva, Decision-Making and Risk Management

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Adapting to a Contemporary Business World

As the business world continues to evolve, professionals in finance roles need to continuously upskill and reskill themselves to keep abreast of the latest industry tools, trends, and terminology.

Financial Management and Decision-Making for the 21st Century

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (commonly known as VUCA) are some of the main factors impacting the business world today. That’s why professionals should equip themselves with the tools they need to make impactful financial decisions in the 21st century VUCA environment.

About the Certificate Program

Leveraging the University of Chicago’s leadership in the financial sector, and the fields of behavioral economics and analytics, our ten-month Financial Management and Decision-Making for the 21st Century certificate program is designed to provide solid theoretical knowledge of cutting-edge financial topics, as well as to offer a practical application for you to implement in your work environment.

The program is structured around three key areas of knowledge:

1. Fundamentals of Finance:

Corporate Financial Strategy

Understand the decision-making process for raising and allocating capital, learning the fundamentals of accounting, key concepts in capital budgeting, and everything related to long-term structural financing.

Data-Driven Financial Analysis

Learn to collect, organize, and use data to perform advanced financial analysis with algorithms and statistical techniques and tools.

2. Modern Decision-Making:

The Psychology of Finance

The Psychology of Finance is the study of psychological influences on the behavior of investors and financial analysts and how that impacts market outcomes. The program will help you understand the thinking behind money management and financial trading.

Decision-Making and Risk Management

Understand the concepts, definitions, principles, and practices in risk management from the perspectives of the corporation, the market, and the regulator.

3. Modern Financial Markets:


Learn how digital disruption is transforming the financial industry. In this certificate program, you will learn and apply the models and technologies that are changing financial transactions and creating new alternative sources of financing.

After Completing the Program You Will Be Able To:

  1. Share solid theoretical knowledge of critical finance-related topics.
  2. Provide a practical application of this knowledge in your work environment.
  3. Foster other soft skills like collaborative teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, time management, multicultural awareness, online working techniques, and the development and management of international networking.

Connect with Expert Instructors

Courageous thinkers and passionate teachers, our instructors are an active community of scholars. Propelled by rigorous debate and cross-disciplinary collaboration, they produce ideas that matter and enrich human life.

Meet the Instructors

George Dan, MBA
Co-Founder and COO, User Nudge, Inc.; The Psychology of Finance and Corporate Financial Strategy

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George Dan co-founded the startup User Nudge, Inc., after a lifelong journey to understand the way people make decisions. Using behavioral science, the company focuses on how those using online interfaces make decisions. Prior to founding his startup, Dan worked as the head of Operations Analytics with a software-as-a-service company, where he designed processes, implemented new systems, and developed innovative ways of launching digital products. Dan received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2008. He is on the board of Family Service of Lake County, a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen families through counselling, education, and related mental health support.

Lara Kattan, MPP, BA
Data-Driven Financial Analysis and Fintech

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Lara Kattan is a data science educator and curriculum writer. She’s currently developing curriculum for institutions such as the University of Chicago and data science learning startups. Prior to embarking on a career in curriculum development, she was a consultant in risk practice at McKinsey & Co. She has a MA in public policy with a concentration in econometrics from the University of Chicago and a BA in economics and political science from Northwestern. Kattan is a lifelong learner and is pursuing an MA in Computer Science and another in Mathematics from DePaul University.

Borislava Karageorgieva, CFA, MBA, PAHM
Decision-Making and Risk Management

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Borislava Karageorgieva is a corporate finance expert in the area of evaluation of strategic and investment decisions. Karageorgieva has international experience in both the public and the private sectors, and the financial services, the healthcare management, and the beverage industries. Areas of professional focus include regulatory analysis and financial compliance, mergers and acquisitions, angel investing and entrepreneurship, and board governance. Karageorgieva is the co-founder of a startup company in the beverage industry with clients including Kroger in Chicago. Karageorgieva received an MBA from Chicago Booth and is a CFA charter holder.