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What Our Participants Say


Amy Frank

USA, June 2020

The educational format was top-notch. The interactive learning activities were far above what my doctorate program at another university offered. There was a good mix of contributing experts discussing topics in each module. The interactions with classmates was beneficial, in that we had multiple levels of education from heterogeneous backgrounds, adding different professional and cultural perspectives on topics.

Marianella Chávez Carhuamaca

Spain, Sept 2020

I would like to tell you that your dedication and love for this program will completely change your vision of what patient care means in this new context. It will clarify the concepts and give them a seniority that is noticeable from the first module. The weekly homework process seemed successful to me, [students] will learn through research and will be able to create... their own opinion on the topics that are developed I liked being able to share with colleagues of different nationalities. The health sector has always been one of the most reluctant to adopt emerging technologies and transform digitally, it has long been a pending issue, but the Covid19 context has only accelerated this adoption. The course puts us completely in the situation and whoever is able to get the most out of it will be planning projects for both patients and healthcare professionals and improving the system in which they work.