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Data Engineering

Explore industry trends in leveraging data to solve business problems.

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About the Course

Over eight weeks, our Data Engineering course will provide you with a a technical overview of data collection, storage, analysis, and usage. You will be taught how to source, prepare, and manage historical data. You will also learn about the history and principles of database systems, how to clean raw data, and how to use SQL to load and query data in databases.

You Will Learn To:

  • Build and extract insights from document databases.
  • Create reports and dashboards in Tableau using an analytical data store.
  • Identify the principles and best practices of relational databases.
  • Use SQL, the standard language for database management.


After successfully completing the course, you will receive a credential certified by the University of Chicago.

Methodologies and Techniques:

logos of the following methodologies and techniques: Python, Jupyter, MySQL, mongoDB, Neo4J, OpenRefine, Tableau, Google Cloud, and Anaconda

Python, Jupyter, MySQL, mongoDB, Neo4J, OpenRefine, Tableau, Google Cloud, and Anaconda
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Career Outlook

Data engineering is the fastest-growing occupation in the IT space, and data engineers are prized across industries and in a variety of settings. In charge of building and maintaining an organization’s data infrastructure from databases and data warehouses to data pipelines, data engineers identify trends in data sets—a skill essential to managing and converting data into the information data scientists and business analysts need to drive results. Data engineering is a broad field with applications in practically every industry. As long as there is data—and the quantities are increasing every minute—data engineers will be in demand. A career in data engineering can be both challenging and rewarding, and, with the right skill set, is among the most lucrative data-driven roles.




The average salary for a data engineer in the United States

Source: Glassdoor 



Data engineers rank first among the fastest-growing jobs in tech.

Source: Towards Data Science 



The year-over-year growth in the number of open data engineering positions.

Source: Towards Data Science 

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Meet Your Instructors

These instructors teach this course regularly. Please speak to your enrollment advisor if you wish to know who the current teacher is.

instructor- Abid-Ali

Abid Ali, PhD

Customer Success Architect, Sigma Computing

Abid Ali has spent a large part of his career working in data and analytics at major consulting firms, designing and delivering large-scale transformations worldwide across industries. He leads internal initiatives and capabilities and works with C-suite executives to devise strategies for migration and transition to modern data platforms.

A believer in lifelong learning, Ali has earned several advanced degrees, including two master’s degrees, an Executive MBA, and a PhD in Organizational Leadership, as well as certifications from AWS, Azure, Celonis, Dataiku, SAFe Agile, and Teradata. 

instructor Abhishek Chaturvedi, MSc

Abhishek Chaturvedi, MSc

Data Scientist at Amazon

Abhishek Chaturvedi is a data science and product management professional dedicated to a wide range of sectors and functions. He has experience applying his expertise to marketing, people analytics, strategic planning, and technology R&D across the aerospace, defense, financial services, retail, and supply chain industries.

A lifelong learner and teacher, Chaturvedi has taught classes at the University of Chicago for several years after completing his MSc in analytics from the University. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University.

The University of Chicago Approach to Online Learning

Our online learning programs are crafted with your specific needs in mind. Programs combine e-learning with live, interactive sessions to strengthen your skill set while maximizing your time. We couple academic theory and business knowledge with practical, real-world application. Through online learning sessions, you will have an opportunity to grow your professional network and interact with University of Chicago instructors and your classmates.

What Our Participants Say

"This course helped me better develop information analysis and achieve normalization in relational databases as well as enhanced visualization of data in Tableau and Grafos."

"I learned a lot from the live sessions and webinars. The activities help clarify concepts and the instructors were really helpful."

“By directly involving students in the challenge of securing the right data and exploring potential solutions, we’re equipping them with the foundational skills required to deliver tangible results to clients.”

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