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February 17, 2022


USD $2,500


Eight weeks
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    This program is offered in English and Spanish

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Online learning with live, interactive sessions


Shree Bharadwaj, MS, and Ashish Pujari, MS, Data Engineering Instructor, the University of Chicago

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Data Engineering

Often considered the most critical skill for data scientists, data engineering—also known as information engineering—looks at how to collect, analyze, and practically apply data. Expertise in data engineering is required across industries, and professionals equipped with this unique technical knowledge are an asset to any organization.

Are You Looking to Transition into the Technical Field of Data Engineering and Analytics?

This course has been specifically designed for professionals in associate-level, non-technical roles who want to transition into the field of data science, data engineering, and analytics. While no background knowledge is required to participate in this course, individuals with basic knowledge of data science will consolidate and update their understanding of data engineering. This is a technical course that will give participants hands-on, practical experience in coding, data engineering tools, and databases.

Meet Your Instructors

Shree Bharadwaj, MS
Data Engineering Instructor, the University of Chicago

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Shree Bharadwaj works at West Monroe, a management consulting company. As a Center of Excellence lead, he advises private equity and venture capital firms and C-level executives on value creation, post-close synergies, and data and analytics (BI/AI) strategies focused on business outcomes. In his previous executive leadership role at Syndigo, he led the data strategy, data science, next-gen platform and M&A integrations. His expertise revolves around driving innovation, standardization, development and operationalization of machine learning models, data engineering at scale using on-premise and cloud platforms, effective data visualizations, model-driven design, and algorithimic thinking. Bharadwaj was elected to the Global Standards Architecture Board at GS1, where he worked with global industry leaders to develop standards, road maps, and governance and compliance requirements relating to food services, healthcare, retail, supply chain, and CPG/FMCG verticals. His experience spans across multiple industries that include AdTech, EdTech, FinTech, healthcare, MarTech, public safety, retail, and telecom in organizations that range from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Ashish Pujari, MS
Data Engineering Instructor, the University of Chicago

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Ashish Pujari is a leader in data and analytics, IT strategy, and technology consulting. As a Director of Analytics at GLG, Pujari leads the design and implementation of business intelligence, predictive analytics, and visualization. Before joining GLG, Pujari served as an AVP of Analytics Architecture for CNA Insurance, where he was responsible for insurance analytics platforms and data strategy.

Pujari specializes in big-data analytics, cloud computing, algorithm development, application and database design, decision management, and visualization technologies. He has been involved in technology consulting in finance, banking, insurance, and communications domains for clients in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Career Outlook

Data engineering is the fastest-growing occupation in the IT space, and data engineers are prized across industries and in a variety of settings. In charge of building and maintaining an organization’s data infrastructure from databases and data warehouses to data pipelines, data engineers identify trends in data sets—a skill essential to managing and converting data into the information data scientists and business analysts need to drive results. Data engineering is a broad field with applications in practically every industry. As long as there is data—and the volume is increasing every minute—data engineers will be in demand. A career in data engineering can be both challenging and rewarding, and, with the right skill set, among the most lucrative data-driven roles.

Potential Data Engineering Job Titles

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer