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September 22, 2021


USD $2,500


Eight weeks
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    This course is offered in English and Spanish

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Online learning with live, interactive sessions


Utku Pamuksuz, PhD;
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the University of Chicago

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing how society operates. Some companies already make full use of AI to benefit their customers. Amazon, for instance, uses algorithms to accurately predict what we might like to purchase. Apple has introduced smart assistant Siri to our phones, while Tesla vehicles have incorporated predictive capabilities and self-driving features. Throughout this course, you will discover how foundational data science models are leveraged to obtain increased technological power: more computing power, more complex layers, and different sampling techniques that will refine the accuracy of predictions.

Do You Want to Enhance Your Python Skills?

This course, technical in nature, is intended for those who already have working knowledge of Python and a solid understanding of linear algebra.

If you feel you do not have the previous experience required and are not comfortable working with these concepts, we recommend you take our Statistics for Data Science course to learn about the statistical elements applied to data science, or our Python for Data Science to learn how to code in Python.

Meet Your Instructor

Utku Pamuksuz, MSc, PhD
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the University of Chicago

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Dr. Pamuksuz is an AI researcher with expertise in data science, business analytics, applied mathematics, and machine/deep learning. He has been an invited speaker, delivering keynote sessions in academic and professional seminars in Europe, Asia, and the US, for application and development of data analytics in the areas of management, finance, strategy, healthcare, e-commerce, and quantitative marketing. Pamuksuz has served as a senior data scientist at State Farm as well as W.W. Grainger. He co-founded Inference Analytics in 2018.

Career Outlook

A multitude of large corporations, including Accenture, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, are using AI and applying large-scale machine learning to boost innovation. Career opportunities for professionals dedicated to AI and machine learning have grown to include roles in the energy, farming, finance, manufacturing, and transportation industries. According to the World Economic Forum, AI/ML roles are the most in-demand in today’s job market.

Potential AI and Machine Learning Roles

  • AI Engineer
  • AI Specialist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data-Mining Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Researcher
  • Machine Learning Specialist