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February 17, 2022


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Eight weeks
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    This program is offered in English and Spanish

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Online learning with live, interactive sessions


Lara Kattan, MPP, BA
Data-Driven Financial Analysis and Fintech Instructor, the University of Chicago

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Data-Driven Financial Analysis

Financial analysts are responsible for assessing an organization’s viability, stability, and financial health, making use of financial statements as well as leading industry tools and techniques. With the rise of big data, organizations are now incorporating data-driven analysis as a way of identifying relevant financial trends, preparing insights, and summarizing information for finance managers.

Are You a Financial Analyst or Finance Executive Looking to Improve Your Knowledge of Data Analytics?

This course is aimed at professionals who want to develop a career in the present-day financial industry or in an organization’s financial department in a role such as a financial analyst, financial advisor, consultant in the financial industry, investment fund manager, portfolio manager, venture capital and private equity manager, or capital market professional. It is further aimed at decision-makers like chief financial officers, financial controllers, risk managers, and business development managers, as well as fintech professionals and fintech entrepreneurs.

Meet the Instructor

Lara Kattan, MPP, BA
Data-Driven Financial Analysis and Fintech Instructor, the University of Chicago

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Lara Kattan is a data science educator and curriculum writer. She is currently developing curriculum for institutions such as the University of Chicago and data science learning startups. Prior to embarking on a career in curriculum development, she was a consultant in risk practice at McKinsey & Co. She has an MA in public policy with a concentration in econometrics from the University of Chicago and a BA in economics and political science from Northwestern. Kattan is a lifelong learner and is pursuing an MA in computer science and another in mathematics from DePaul University.

Career Outlook

Traditional financial reporting like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flows, and variance analysis are no longer enough. Today’s businesses need data-based financial analysis to gain deeper insights that will allow them to connect business operations to long-term value, model scenarios in real-time, and allocate resources efficiently. The increasing demand for advanced finance functions such as connecting operational KPIs to financial metrics, along with technological advancements in cloud-based services, has led to the financial analytics market’s current valuation of 6.32 billion. Experts anticipate it will nearly double in size by 2026, with a projected value of 11.02 billion.


The average annual base pay for a financial analyst in the US


The anticipated size of the financial analytics market by 2026


The projected CAGR of the industry from 2021 to 2026

Potential Job Titles in Financial Analytics

  • Accountant
  • Asset/Wealth Manager
  • CFO
  • Commercial Banker
  • Economist
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker