Circular Economy and Sustainable Business

Learn the fundamentals of circular economy and explore regenerative models and transition strategies, misconceptions, and the latest trends in the field.

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About the Course

Over eight weeks, this hands-on, interactive course will introduce you to circularity models, examine the underlying principles, and dissect the misunderstandings around “recycle, reuse” as foundational to circularity. You will explore real-life applications of circularity in business management according to the new “innovate, sustain” paradigm. You will also delve into balancing opportunities and challenges in employing circularity frameworks to advance sustainable business transitions and stakeholder practices.

You Will Learn To:

  • Develop problem-solving skills to integrate circularity concepts into operational and financial applications 
  • Become comfortable analyzing qualitative and quantitative circularity metrics 
  • Define environmental and social dimensions for companies, investors, consumers, and the public sector to enable the benefits of circularity
After Completing the Course, You Will Be Able To::
  • Evaluate the interplay between business management, sustainability, and multi-stakeholder practices and integrate circularity principles across business domains 
  • Identify and balance the challenges and opportunities in employing circularity frameworks to advance sustainable business transitions 
  • Interpret and communicate circularity outcomes across a wide range of stakeholders 
  • Be awarded a credential from the University of Chicago and become part of the UChicago network 
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Career Outlook




The average salary for a reverse logistics manager in the United States



The total anticipated economic benefit of the transition to a circular economy by 2030

  • Chief Sustainability Officer   
  • Circular Economy Specialist  
  • Circular Investment Specialist  
  • Director of Corporate Social Responsibility  
  • Environmental Consultant  
  • ESG Officer  
  • Product Lifecycle Manager  
  • Product and Packaging Designer   
  • Reverse Logistics Manager  
  • Sustainability Assessor

Meet Your Instructor

Alessia Falsarone
Alessia FalsaroneMBA, MSc, SASB FSA
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Alessia Falsarone is a sustainable finance expert and an award-winning author who discovered her passion for the science of impact while studying mathematics at Stanford University. Her work bridges the gap between sustainability, financial innovation, and risk-taking behaviors. In recognition of her innovative vision for business and society, she is the recipient of the 2019 Honoree Award from the Women’s Venture Fund, the 2021 Global Leadership Award by the SheInspires Foundation in the UK, and the 2022 NACD Directorship 100™ for Corporate Governance. A fellow of the Aspen Institute, Falsarone is an avid advocate of the role of impact science in business education, contributing to educational initiatives on the topic in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, and the United States. Her most recent publication, The Impact Challenge: Reframing Sustainability for Businesses, has been featured in Stanford Magazine’s 2022 Author Showcase. She is an alumna of Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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