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Data-Driven Content Marketing

Engage audiences, build trust, amplify brand reach, and drive action.

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About the Course

The University of Chicago’s eight-week Data-Driven Content Marketing course will help you explore content marketing and learn a variety of tactics to engage your audience and drive relevant and profitable customer action by effectively gauging and adjusting your strategy to meet business objectives. By the end of the course, you will be fully prepared to present a complete marketing strategy to brand stakeholders.

You Will Learn To:

  • Describe how content marketing can be a creative, cost-effective solution.
  • Identify strong content marketing strategies and explain their success.
  • Define a target audience, carry out research, and outline your audience’s online media habits.
  • Create a content map for three content pillars in line with a brand’s business objectives.
  • Create a channel marketing plan for disseminating content to the target audience.
  • Create a growth plan that incorporates a user-generated campaign and additional tactics like influencer nurturing.
  • Establish KPIs to measure and adjust the strategy as it is implemented.
  • Present a complete content marketing strategy to brand stakeholders.


After successfully completing the course, you will receive a credential certified by the University of Chicago.

Methodologies and Techniques:

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Career Outlook

Data-driven content marketing blends creativity and technology, and digital-savvy professionals can choose from many career paths in advertising, marketing, production, and more. In today’s digital-first landscape, organizations value content specialists who can make sense of the vast quantities of consumer data available to drive optimal outcomes. 




The average annual base pay for a content marketing specialist in the United States.



The rank of digital marketing and strategy specialists among in-demand jobs across industries.

Source: World Economic Forum



The projected average number of job openings for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers per year over the next decade in the United States.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Commerce Manager
  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Content Producer
  • Content Writer or Creative Copywriter
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • E-commerce Specialist
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Growth Hacker
  • Head of Digital
  • Managing Editor
  • Social Media Coordinator

Meet Your Instructors

These instructors teach this course regularly. Please speak to your enrollment advisor if you wish to know who the current teacher is.

instructor Tracy Samantha Goodheart

Tracy Samantha Goodheart, MSc

Founder of Socially Authentic

Tracy Samantha Goodheart is the founder of Socially Authentic, a personal marketing company. Trained as a journalist, she began her career at TIME Magazine, covering the rise of social media and developing new methods for reporting breaking news. She later served as the founding editorial director of Chicago Now, the blog network owned by Tribune Publishing. She also established the company’s nationwide digital education program. Goodheart then led global social media strategy for Crain Communications. As a consultant, she has designed successful digital strategies for brands across sectors.

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What Our Participants Say

I enjoyed my learning experience with the University of Chicago. The teaching was amazing and my classmates were very thoughtful.


Head of E-commerce at Britânia Eletrodomésticos

Brazil, September 2020

It was both essential and very helpful to have access to quality content in an academic and corporate environment, as well as case studies with professional interactions. This will make a difference in the final months of my learning experiene and in applying what I have learned to my day-to-day professional life.

Silvia Goulart Figueiredo Machado

June, 2021

Iván Monjaraz RuizPeru-img-U-Chicago

A very good experience. Highly didactic material with examples and real cases that help us to automatically think about how to apply these new concepts in our companies.

Iván Monjaraz Ruiz

Peru, June 2021

Fernando SamaniegoMexico,-img-U-Chicago

I wish to thank the entire academic team. The fact that you offer these kinds of programs shows a desire to support people’s professional growth. Uploading the content of updated material, dealing with the needs of so many people, and being able to guide them to make the most of the experience require tremendous effort and your dedication is commendable. Thank you very much.

Fernando Samaniego

Mexico, June 2021

Renato HomboBrazil,-U-Chicago-img

I thank you for the support and all the structure that the University of Chicago provides. I hope to continue my learning journey with you very soon.

Renato Hombo

Brazil, June 2021

Chinedu IbuakaHealthcare ManagerUSA-img-U-Chicago

First of all, this program is very rich in content. It felt more like a master’s degree program than an eight-week course because we basically learned everything that we needed to know about clinical trials. With the knowledge you will acquire in this course, you will be ready to jumpstart your career in the clinical research industry. It was an amazing experience, and I learned from industry gurus. I will recommend this program again and again.

Chinedu Ibuaka

Healthcare Manager

USA, June 2021

“By directly involving students in the challenge of securing the right data and exploring potential solutions, we’re equipping them with the foundational skills required to deliver tangible results to clients.”

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