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February 16, 2022


USD $2,500


Eight weeks
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    This program is offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Program Format

Online learning with live, interactive sessions


Greg Green, MS, PhD, Executive Director of Analytics Programs, the University of Chicago; Utku Pamuksuz, MSc, PhD, Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder of Inference Analytics; Nalini Polavarapu, MSc, PhD, Head of Data Science at Bayer; AI and Data Science for Leaders, the University of Chicago

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AI and Data Science for Leaders

In this digital age, more companies are making use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to increase productivity. But as a result of this shift, organizations face an entirely different leadership challenge. What do leaders need to know to effectively integrate AI into their organizations? And how do leaders design organizational structures that take into account the roles of humans and machines in integrated teams?

Are You a Leader in an AI World?

If you are a manager or leader of a technical team, analytics group, or any other function that leverages data science, this program will help you to better understand AI and the opportunities and risks of an AI-driven organization.

Meet Your Instructors

Greg Green, MS, PhD
Executive Director of Analytics Programs, the University of Chicago

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As Executive Director of Analytics Programs at the University of Chicago, Green architects and leads programs that strategically apply analytics to solve complex industry problems with greater speed and impact.

Nalini Polavarapu, MSc, PhD
Head of Data Science, Bayer; Senior Advisor and Adjunct Professor, the University of Chicago

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Dr. Polavarapu has been with Bayer for nearly fifteen years in a variety of positions in the data science, technology, analytics, and digital innovation and transformation areas. As Head of Data Science, she manages a global team of analytical and IT professionals specialized in machine learning, operations research, and cloud analytics to deliver better products to market faster by applying digital technologies. As the first data scientist at Bayer Crop Science, she played a key role in building an ever-growing world-class data science organization. Over the course of her career, Polavarapu has held wide-ranging leadership positions: managing teams operating across geographies, leading an offshore center in India, and initiating numerous external partnerships and collaborations with start-ups, large corporations, and universities. She is a Bayer science fellow and has a PhD and dual master’s degrees in computer science and bioinformatics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has received multiple patents, authored and co-authored research articles in leading scientific journals, and co-authored book chapters on high throughput data analysis and applications. In addition to being a frequent speaker, panel member, inventor, and the founder of Women in Data Science (WiDS)@Bayer, Polavarapu also serves as Senior Advisor and Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago.

Utku Pamuksuz, MSc, PhD
Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder, Inference Analytics; Lecturer, the University of Chicago

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Dr. Pamuksuz is an AI researcher with expertise in data science, business analytics, applied mathematics, and machine/deep learning. He has been an invited speaker, delivering keynote sessions in academic and professional seminars in Europe, Asia, and the US, for application and development of data analytics in the areas of management, finance, strategy, healthcare, e-commerce, and quantitative marketing. Pamuksuz has served as a senior data scientist at State Farm as well as W.W. Grainger. He co-founded Inference Analytics in 2018.

Career Outlook

The artificial intelligence and data science industries are booming, with an expected market value of 99.9 billion dollars by 2023 in the case of the former and 16 billion by 2025 for the latter. An increasingly wide range of industries—automotive, entertainment, healthcare, media, retail, and telecommunications—need professionals with the skills to leverage AI and data science.


The average annual base pay for a CTO in the US

3 out of 4

The number of C-Suite executives who believe scaling AI over the next five years is crucial to the survival of their business


The projected market value of the artificial intelligence industry by 2023

Potential Job Titles for Leaders with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Skills

  • Analytics Consultant
  • Analytics Specialist
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Big Data Developer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Digital Innovation Officer
  • Digital Product Director
  • Director of Strategy
  • Insights Analyst
  • Program Director
  • Program Manager

What Our Participants Say


Marcelo Tinoco
Head of E-commerce at Britânia Electrodomésticos

Brazil, September 2020

This is an essential program, mandatory for all those who want to understand more about artificial intelligence and data science. It is the gateway to an urgent and continuous future.

Ravichandran Natarajan
Engagement Manager at Capgemini

USA, September 2020

This program increased my confidence level around AI and ML knowledge and prepared me for the next level in my career in the AI ecosystem. I am now able to approach any AI project while keeping ethical value as an important consideration in mind when building algorithms.